Conference venue


Odeons Kvarter 1, 5000 Odense C

Website (in Danish) here.

Plenary lectures be held in a 1700 seater auditorium in the Odeon conference center.  A second auditorium, and the home of the Odense Symphony Orchestra, the Carl Nielsen Chamber, in the Odense concert Halls, seats 1200 people. These large auditoria are 150m from each other and other auditoriums, seating from 100-400 people are located in the same buildings. There is not more than 1-2 mins walk between presentation locations. All are wheelchair accessible.


There is space for the posters to be hung for the duration of the whole conference.

Vendor stalls

Permanent stalls are available for vendors and publishers who sponsor the conference

Conference dinner

The large auditorium will be converted to a larger flat floor space with seating for 1000 people. 

Note that options for local culinary experiences in unique locations will be optionally available most evenings. See social events page.